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Do people in Amway focus more on recruiting than selling products?

Selling products is the most important part of the Amway business, not recruiting. Amway Distributors cannot make money unless products are sold.

An Amway Distributor could recruit a million people and if none of them generated product sales, nobody would make any money. Amway Distributors must sell products and people on their sales teams must also be selling products in order to earn income.

Any sales leader would tell you that to build a larger sales business, you want as many points of sale as you can manage and support. Each Amway Distributor is a “point of sale” in that sense.

Like any sales organization, the more people selling products, generally the more volume you can drive. This is why retailers set up new stores. The more points of sale, the more customers you can reach.

Because we have such high-quality products, successful Amway Distributors work regularly with customers who are repeat buyers. Often people who use the products decide to sell the products too. They can also develop productive sales teams, through recruiting, that will generate more product sales for their network.

But again, no money is made unless the Distributor sell products!

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