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Why haven’t I heard of Amway products?

Since Amway products are sold exclusively through Amway Direct Retailers/Sellers or on our website with applicable conditions, you won’t see them on store shelves or available through other online retailers.

Additionally, Amway doesn’t do a lot of advertising. We invest more in R&D, our supply chain and supporting our Amway Direct Retailers/Sellers than we do in promoting our products through traditional or online advertising. If you hear about our brands and products, it’s usually through a friend who uses and likes our products or through an Amway Direct Retailer/Seller.

As the number one direct selling company in the world, we know our high quality products continue to satisfy the end consumers and our business model continues to be proven successful.

For more information about the Amway direct selling business model, go to the How Amway Works section on this site.