Amway (China) Co., Limited

41/F CITIC Plaza
233 Tianhe North Road
Guangzhou 510613
People's Republic of China

Phone: 86-20-85198198
Fax: 86-20-38912801
Fax: 86-20-38912802 (Website) (Email)

Opened April 1995


Plan Basics


Performance Schedule

PV Bonus
10000             24%
7000               21%
4000               18%
2000               15%
1000               12%
400                  9%

PV/BV Ratio
The PV/BV ratio is changed to 12.5 effective October 2016.

Retail Margin
Retail margin or mark up for Amway products is 0% (i.e. no retail margin).


1) Regulation in China does not allow foreigners to conduct direct selling in the mainland China. As such, foreigners can only join Amway (China) as Privileged Customers and purchase Amway products for personal use.

2) Multi-level marketing is prohibited in the mainland China. Amway (China) is a licensed direct selling company operated with a single level marketing mode. Its compensation plan is completely different from the other traditional Amway markets. If you have a lead who is a Chinese citizen and is interested in joining as a Direct Seller with Amway(China), please advise him/her to call Amway (China) National Hotline for details.

Click the link below to display additional details on how to start a multiple business in this market.

Market Framework Requirements



Only the Privilege Customers, Sales Representatives and Authorized Agents can buy Amway Products from Amway China directly
- At any of the Amway Shops
- Amwaynet (Website:
- Fax ordering (available in the cities which have launched the service of fax ordering)
- PDA (Available for registered users)
- M-Kiosk/Kiosk(self-service information touch screen available at shops)

Payment Methods

- Cash
- Credit voucher
- Cable transfer/cheque
- Credit card and local debit card
- Internet payment
- Direct debit


- 100% cash refund or credit voucher for salable products within 30 days of purchase (available for the direct selling area)
- 100% credit voucher for salable products within 30 days of purchase (available for the non-direct selling area)
- 50% credit voucher for unsalable products (at least half content kept) within 30 days of purchase

Access Information

Open to all Privilege Customers/Sales Representatives/Authorized Agents:

- Hotline: 4006-888-888 (86-20-28861898)/ Home Tech Hotline: 4008-333-333
- M-Kiosk/Kiosk (self-service information touch screen available in shops)
- IVR (Interactive Voice Response), 4006-888-888 (86-20-28861898)
- Amwaynet (Website:
- WAP (Mobile phone web site:
- PDA (Sign in to Amway M-commerce)
- Official Website:
- Wechat

Open to 9% and above:
- E-mail (A monthly fee of RMB2 is charged for users)
- SMS (Short Message System for mobile phone users, a monthly fee of RMB3 is charged for users)
- MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service, a monthly fee of RMB3 is charged for users)

Receive Bonus Payment

SR/AA - Sales Commissions will be sent via bank transfer on the 10th of each month.
AA - Service fee will be sent via bank transfer on the 23rd of each month.

Renewal fee: RMB 70
Additional late renewal fee: RMB 10

3 months before and 15 days after expiry
Request for late renewal within 16 days - 12 months will be accepted by Shop