'Amway' LLC

18, Suschevsky val
"Novosuschevsky" business centre
Moscow 127018

Phone: 7-495-981-4000 (for Moscow and Moscow Region)
Phone: 7-800-100-9000 (for other cities of Russia)
Fax: 7-495-981-4001 (Public Website) (Email)

Opened March 2005

Plan Basics


Purchasing Products
All ABOs may order directly from Amway. Orders must be placed:
- In person at any PSC (Personal or Combined Orders)
- Via E-commerce web-site
- By fax or e-mail though 'Amway' LLC office

PV/BV Transfers
PV/BV transfers will not be available in Russia.

Fee Payment
- All ABOs who have earned a Performance Fee will be paid directly from 'Amway' LLC.
- All monthly Fees will be processed by the 12th of each month following the month in which they were generated.
- Prior to the first Fee payment being made, a Services Contract and the monthly Act of Acceptance is required to be signed and returned to Amway.
- Fees will only be paid by bank transfer for deposit to the ABO's bank account.

Performance Schedule

PV Performance Fee
10000           21%
7000             18%
4000             15%
2400             12%
1200              9%
600                6%
200                3%

PV/BV Ratio
The average PV/BV ratio for Amway products is 84 BV to 1PV as of September 2017.

ABO Discount
All ABOs have constant 23% discount of the Catalog Price for products.

Starter Kit Purchasing
No Starter Kit is required in order to join the Amway Business in Russia.

Once a person would like to start an Amway business in Russia he or she can get registered as an ABO via Amway online website / Registration as well as in Amway PSCs.

If he or she is not acquainted with any ABO yet, he still can get registered. In this case he will be signed up to an ABO nearby the location according to the Leads Program.

Once the Amway Business Owner (ABO) registration form is submitted and processed by 'Amway' LLC, a product order can be placed. The 500 RUR registration fee will be added automatically to the order cost. A new ABO must place his first order in 30 days since his registration. In the same time period he or she must provide Amway with the signed ABO contract and a set of documents according to the chosen business type. 

A new ABO can purchase Amway products through any convenient sales channel after his registration is confirmed in Amway database.

Russia Online Sponsoring Step-By-Step Process:

- Enter your account on Amway website (, section -> My office -> Sponsoring and choose a way of sponsoring (you can send an invitation by e-mail, register a new ABO or customer by yourself (the candidate will only have to confirm his registration by e-mail) or share the link to registration with you as a sponsor where your prospects and potential customers can easily access it (e.g. Your personal page).  If you choose to send an invitation by e-mail, fill in the requested fields and send the invitation.

Registration of a New ABO
- The candidate will get an email with the invitation to become a new ABO or customer. This email contains the link to Registration page.
- After reading the necessary information, the candidate can start the registration, clicking on the “Register now” button.
- The candidate will need to complete in ABO Contract online form and confirm it (in case you sponsor an ABO).
- After the confirmation, the information about the new ABO will be sent to Amway database. The new ABO will get a letter on the email address indicated in ABO Contract. This email will contain his ABO number and PIN-code, with the help of which he needs to enter and create his account.
- After the registration of the account on the Amway website, the new ABO should enter section My account -> My registration and follow the instructions.

Product Orders by New ABOs
A new ABO can purchase Amway products through any convenient sales channel after his registration is confirmed in Amway database.

Business Types
Amway Business Owner (ABO) is a category of individuals, who enter into an ABO Contract with 'Amway' LLC.

In Russia, there are 2 business types for ABOs:

-          Private Individual ABOs with Service Agreement
-          IE/LE ABOs with Service Agreement

If one wants to try to do the Amway business, but have not yet made a decision about running a business as an IE or legal entity for one reason or another, he can conclude a Service Contract with Amway as an individual following the procedure established by the company and receive rewards less deduction by signing acts of acceptance for services rendered on a monthly basis. It’s a temporary option limited by Bonus volume.

If one plans to run a business and get a stable regular income from Amway, he must be registered with local tax authorities as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity. He must pay all the required contributions and taxes in accordance with the selected mode of taxation.

ABOs can conduct full range of business activities such as retailing/reselling Amway™ products, sponsoring, training and supporting other ASOs. ABOs have the opportunity to receive Fees and other rewards and awards under the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan.

If one is interested only in product purchase with no business building, he can register as an Amway Registered Customer and get a constant customer discount (15% from the Catalog price). 

Once a Registered Customer purchases Amway products to the amount equal to 20 000 RUR during 12 calendar months, he becomes a VIP-customer, which means he gets 23% discount, opportunity to participate in sales stimulating programs and ability to sponsor.

Establish a Second Business

International Sponsoring
International sponsoring is always an option and an excellent means of expanding your business while avoiding many of the costs and complexities associated with establishing a second business. Please note: For those markets where foreigners are able to establish a second business, they must be the international sponsor of their second business in another country.

Foreigners who wish to travel to Russia are required to obtain a visa. The process for obtaining a visa may require some time and will depend on whether you are applying for a business or tourist visa. Business visas are processed based on a letter of invitation from an authorized agency. Tourist visas require residence/hotel reservation confirmation. Please contact your local Russian embassy or consulate or a local Russian consultant company (i.e. tourist company in Russia) for assistance. Note: visa-consulting companies are quite numerous in Moscow and are reasonable in price.

Foreign Distributors/ABOs wanting to operate an Amway Business in Russia must comply with all of the requirements applicable to Russian citizens and the ABO Contract.

Foreigners wishing to operate as ABOs in Russia have the following business options:
- International Sponsoring - an excellent way to participate in expanding the Amway Business Opportunity in Russia while reducing travel, business and tax costs.
- Individual Entrepreneur - residency must be established and a Russian work permit is required.
- Form a Russian limited liability company (LLC).

It is recommended you consult your own tax and legal professionals before starting any business activities in Russia. There are many tax and other consequences associated with conducting business activity in Russia. These should be reviewed carefully with qualified legal and tax advisors.

Click the link below to display additional details on how to start a multiple business in this market.

Market Framework Requirements

Who Can Order
Amway Business Owners (ABOs) can purchase products directly from one of the Product Selection Centers (PSC) or via Amway online.  You must be registred as an ABO or a Registered Customer before placing an order.

Consolidated Ordering
ABOs or VIP-customers receive orders directly to a designated ABO address. Consolidated orders allow ABOs to place several individual orders together with one payment, deliver to one address and are available all over the country. Payment Methods include: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Postal Code and Qiwi payment system.

Method of Placing Orders
- In person at the PSC
- By fax to 'Amway' LLC office: + 7 (495) 981-4001
- By e-mail to 'Amway' LLC office:
- Via E-commerce web-site

Method of Payment

- Cash (at the PSC only)
- Credit and Debit Cards
--Visa (except Visa Electron)
--Russian Sberbank Cards
- Bank Transfer 
- Postal Transfer
- Credit Card Online
- Qiwi payment system

Amway Business Owner (ABO) is responsible for all returns related to personal customers. You are kindly requested to present the customer's invoice with the reason for the return indicated on it. Returns of Registration Fee by those who resign are accepted up to one year after their resignation. It is noted that any overstock of unused, marketable products or any other products purchased from Amway can be returned only after obtaining approval from Amway and will be subject to a 20% handling fee. For returns procedure approval details please contact Amway ABO Relations Department.

Access Information
Any Amway Business Owner(ABO) may receive a Line of Sponsorship (LOS) Map which includes the names and numbers of all his/her registered downline down to the first/any downline Platinum(s). If requested, maps can include PV information and addresses. The LOS Maps are available at any Product Selection Center (PSC) for a nominal fee and at the web-site free of charge.

Receive Fee Payment

- All Amway Business Owners (ABOs) who have earned a Performance Fee will be paid directly from 'Amway' LLC.
- Prior to Fee payments being made, a Service Contract needs to be on file and a monthly Act of Acceptance and VAT invoice if ABO is VAT payer is required to be signed and returned on a monthly basis to the 'Amway' LLC office. ABOs may give Power of Attorney to others (who are notarized) to sign the Act of Acceptance on their behalf.
- Fees will only be paid by bank transfer for deposit to the ABO's bank account.

Service Fee


Service Fee for 2018:
500 RUR

Payment Methods:

- via the website
- by making a purchase at My Service Center

  • via the Customer Service Group (only for ABOs registered in Russia) by sending the order by fax: +7 (495) 981-4001, by e-mail: or by post: 18 Sushchevsky Val, 127018 Moscow, Russia, BC Novosushchevsky, 15th floor. To do this, in the Consolidated Order form, specify in block letters the phrase “Service fee” in the line “product SKU”;
  • by placing and paying for the order at a Cash Office.

You can pay the Service Fee independently from September 1 to December 31 by adding its SKU to the order.

Unless you do it, the Service Fee will be added to the order automatically from January 1 to August 31 next year.

Payment Methods:
- Bank transfer
- Transfer by post
- Cash at Product Selection Center
- Credit card