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So Simple, A Kid Can Explain It.

At Amway, we don’t think things need to be so complicated. When it comes to explaining our business, how it works, or why people get involved, we went to the most reliable sources we could think of—kids! Watch our video to see how Amway is just that simple.

I don’t want to say no to a friend who is an Amway Business Owner, so I feel some pressure about registering with the business. If Amway is not right for me at this time, can I recover my costs?
Many of our Amway Business Owners can be passionate about their Amway business, and sometimes their enthusiasm may feel like pressure. If a person wants to leave the Amway business for any reason, we make it very easy to leave with a generous refund
What can an Amway Business Owner do if they want to quit the business?
An Amway Business Owner may leave the business at any time and for any reason. In addition to a generous refund policy for product, an Amway Business Owner may request a refund of their start-up costs, if they’re within the grace period for their c
Why do some Amway Business Owners not use the Amway name?
Our business model affords Amway Business Owners a lot of flexibility in how they operate their independent businesses, including how they market themselves. Many Amway Business Owners have developed and proudly promoted their own personalized busine