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Common questions. Straightforward answers.


So Simple, A Kid Can Explain It.

At Amway, we don’t think things need to be so complicated. When it comes to explaining our business, how it works, or why people get involved, we went to the most reliable sources we could think of—kids! Watch our video to see how Amway is just that simple.

Why are Amway products expensive?
Amway products are often more expensive than other products you’ll see in the marketplace because they are made better. They are still a good value, but their superior ingredients, design excellence and rigorous testing lead to a premium price poin
What does Amway sell?
Amway offers more than 450 products through our family of brands. Our leading brands include NUTRILITE™ vitamin and mineral dietary supplements; ARTISTRY™ skin care and cosmetics; and our home line, which includes eSPRING™, a water purifying sy
Why do I have to buy through an Amway Business Owner?
Our business model is built on the personal customer service and thoughtful product recommendations you get from an actual person – an Amway Business Owner. But to be clear, you can interact with your Amway Business Owner as much or as little as yo
Does Amway have real customers? Isn’t it just Amway Business Owners buying the product?
Amway products are always sold through Amway Business Owners and there is a strong customer base for our products. You can find our products in 71 million households in 10 of our top markets alone, and those households do not include Amway Business O
Are Amway products safe?
Yes. Our products meet or exceed regulatory standards in every country where those products are sold and undergo more than 30,000 annual quality tests at our laboratories around the globe. We also back our products with extensive satisfaction and ret
Why have I never heard of Amway products if they’re so great?
It’s pretty much a matter of visibility: Since Amway™ products are sold exclusively through Amway Business Owners (and they can be viewed on our website), you don’t see them on store shelves every day the way you do other consumer goods. We als
Why don’t you sell in stores?
Amway started out as two friends selling products to people, and we continue to value that kind of person-to-person retail model even as we’ve grown today into a global company operating in more than 100 countries and territories. Customers can al
Do I have to buy inventory to sell Amway products?
No, there are no purchase requirements with Amway — ever. There is no need for Amway Business Owners to store any inventory as product is shipped directly to them on a demand basis, or to their customers’ homes.