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How do you make money with Amway?

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Amway Distributors make money when their customers buy Amway products and when others in their organization sell products.

Primarily, money can be made by:

Retail Margin – Amway Distributors are able to sell their products at a mark-up (the difference between cost and retail price) to earn retail margin on the sale. There is maximum retail price for every product we sell.

Sales Commissions from Personal Activity – Amway Distributors can receive monthly commissions based on their personal sales volume – how many products and what types of products they sell.

Sales Commissions from Team Activity – As their business grows and new members join their group, Amway Distributors receive monthly commissions based on the product sales volume of their team. Amway Distributors can also earn from Core Plus discretionary incentives for reaching defined business building milestones, through the Distributor lifecycle, such as multipliers on monthly commissions and two-time cash awards.

Obviously, the monthly compensation earned by Amway Distributors varies widely, and is largely dependent on what their goals are and how much time and effort they consistently put into the business. Amway believes strongly in rewarding success.

To find out more specifics on how Amway compensation works in India or another country, visit Amway India website or check out our Global Business Resources pages.