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Does Amway require me to spend money on training and events?

No, we do not require additional spend for training materials and events. In fact, Amway provides thousands of optional free training sessions to Amway Direct Sellers such as live presentations, online training sessions, and self-learning courses through our own Learning Management Systems.

Amway Direct Sellers often get a lot personal one-on-one coaching from the very people who introduced them to the business opportunity, or people on their team. The Amway Business Model rewards people who invest in training and development of their team members and help them run successful Amway businesses.

But Amway also invests heavily in direct seller training and tools to help direct sellers be successful. Amway India conducts thousands of free training sessions every month, which can help individuals gain the knowledge they need and access to the tools they need to reach their goals.

Some Amway Direct Sellers may also offer motivational or training materials to other direct sellers for a fee. However, such materials are always optional and are subject to return policies that Amway requires such Amway Direct Sellers to provide.

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