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Why do I have to buy Amway products through a Distributor?

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Amway products can only be purchased through a distributor to ensure quality products are being delivered and customer demands are being met. The Amway business model is built on the personal service and thoughtful product recommendations you get from an Amway Distributor who knows the products and their benefits.

Amway Distributors make themselves available to answer questions, help you understand how to use the products and what their benefits are, and help you with returns and refunds if you’re not satisfied. It’s in their best interests to make sure you get great service before and after a purchase.

Amway also has a robust online ordering system that many customers use for product purchases and reorders. You can purchase Amway products exclusively through Amway Direct Retailers/Sellers and interact with an Amway Direct Retailer/Seller as much or as little as you’d like.

Visit the Our Products page to see which of our product brands you might be interested in.

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