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Global Entrepreneurship Programs

Learn more about how Amway uses the results of the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report to foster discussions and conversations to promote entrepreneurially friendly social and government programs.

AGER Around The World


Hyderabad, India

Amway India Entrepreneurship Report (AIER) was launched during the eighth annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017. Learn more


Vilnius, Lithuania

Amway Lithuania partnered with Amcham on a variety of events to promote entrepreneurship in Lithuania. Learn more


Liège, Belgium

March 2018, Amway Europe sponsored The International Week of the Student Entrepreneur Summit organized by Venturelab in Liège, Belgium. Learn more



Encouraging entrepreneurship in Canada in partnership with Futurpreneur Canada Learn more



Understanding society’s perception of entrepreneurship and fostering self-employment among women in Russia. Learn more



Amway Japan continues to support the development of entrepreneurship. Learn more

Reports & News Release

2018 Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report

2018 AGER News Release

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What drives the entrepreneurial spirit?

We asked nearly 50,000 respondents in 44 countries about their attitudes and perceptions toward not just the concept of owning a business, but also toward the infrastructure in their country, the type of business they would start, how they assess their own capabilities for starting and running a business and what are the areas of support they seek most.

Gaining a greater understanding of why people decide for or against owning a business is helpful for effectively fostering a world of entrepreneurs. This knowledge can help business and government leaders to make decisions and take actions that help more people start their own businesses and reach their full potential in this area. More entrepreneurs mean more opportunity, more economic growth and more prosperity for everyone.