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A legacy of partnership

Amway is a family-owned business giving other families an opportunity to thrive. Family is what makes us special and relevant across multiple countries, cultures, and generations. Our business was built on the bond between two individuals and has blossomed into a partnership between their families, thousands of Employees, and millions of Amway Business Owners. The Founding Families are committed to this business and to supporting these valuable partnerships for years to come. Today, there are more than 50 Founding Family Members – and growing! Click through the Family Tree to learn more about each branch.

Head shot of Rich DeVos Head shot of Rich DeVos

Rich & Helen DeVos

Head shot of Jay Van Andel Head shot of Jay Van Andel

Jay & Betty Van Andel

Amway’s Founding Families: Committed to our Future

Amway has been a family-owned business since our beginning in 1959. As we look to the future with anticipation, and embrace the changes necessary for growth and prosperity, the Founding Family Members reflect on a core tenant that remains unchanged: their commitment to the business, Amway business owners, employees, and to our shared foundational values.

Advice We Carry
Preserving the Legacy
Shared Experiences, Shared Values


Through the Generations

Amway has been a family-owned business from more than 60 years. As the business has grown, we've welcomed four generations of Founding Family members, employees, and business owners. This series provides a generational perspective on the importance of our values, living your passions, thinking differently, and communicating in new ways. Join fathers and sons Dave & Aaron Van Andel, and Doug & Dalton DeVos as they share their important lessons from growing up in business at different times throughout our history.

Be Unique

Generational Transitions video thumbnail Play Video
Generational Transitions
Passion video thumbnail Play Video
Through the Generations: Behind the Scenes video thumbnail Play Video
Through the Generations: Behind the Scenes
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Working Across Generations
Thinking Differently video thumbnail Play Video
Thinking Differently