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A legacy of partnership

Amway is a family-owned business giving other families an opportunity to thrive. Family is what makes us special and relevant across multiple countries, cultures, and generations. Our business was built on the bond between two individuals and has blossomed into a partnership between their families, thousands of Employees, and millions of Amway Business Owners. The Founding Families are committed to this business and to supporting these valuable partnerships for years to come.

Third generation engagement

The third generation of Amway’s Founding Families – G3 – is more engaged now, than ever before. More than half of the third generation is actively engaged in the business, from product and brand development to business innovations. They are devoted to furthering the success of the first and second generations, and excited to leave a mark of their own.

Meet the Third Generation

Rachel Harrison
Maddie Van Andel
Nate Lowery
Elissa DeVos Lowery
Dalton DeVos
Aaron Van Andel
Jordan Richtsmeier
Sam Gaby
Thomas Harrison
Andrea DeVos Abraham
Christian Van Andel
Rick DeVos
Kyle Van Andel
Melissa DeVos