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Helping people live better, healthier lives

Amway was founded in 1959 by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel and revolutionized the business model known as direct selling. Today, we’re still disrupting the retail industry by empowering Amway Business owners to be leaders in social commerce.

Major Milestones

A legacy is made of moments. Our company has a history as remarkable and unique as the people who created it.

Amway is founded

Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel made a pact in high school to become business entrepreneurs together. They started a flying school and opened a drive-in restaurant. Eventually, from the basements of their homes, they founded Amway in 1959, building their success on the desire to make other people successful.

Amway launches its first product

Amway launches its first product, Liquid Organic Cleaner - one of the world’s first biodegradable, concentrated multi-purpose cleaners. Liquid Organic Cleaner becomes a high seller and initiates our legacy of taking stewardship of the earth seriously.

Amway becomes international

Amway opens its first International office in London, Ontario, Canada. This would be the second of over 100+ countries and territories into which Amway would eventually expand.

Artistry brand debuts

The Artistry cosmetics brand debuts with 11 products and 37 color shades. Artistry would grow to become one of the top-five-selling premium skincare brands in the world.

Amway acquires Nutrilite

Amway acquires the Nutrilite brand, rounding out our brand offerings to include home, beauty, and nutrition categories. Nutrilite would grow to become the world’s leading brand of vitamin and dietary supplements.

Amway tops $1 billion

Amway’s international sales top 1 billion dollars.

Amway expands

Amway expands into 33 additional markets around the world, including China and South Africa. Amway would eventually more than double in size during this decade.

Amway acquires XS energy drinks

Amway acquires the XS™ brand of energy drinks and sports nutrition. XS is instantly popular with younger generations and emerging markets, quickly becoming one of Amway’s most popular product categories.

#1 Direct Selling Company

Just over 50 years after our founding, Amway is the “World’s Number-One-Direct Selling Company” according to Direct Selling News Global 100.*

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