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Energy & Sport

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The XS™ brand of energy and sports nutrition products reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of Amway’s founders, always seeking to combine adventure and opportunity.

  • A close up of a hand holding an XS Power Drink with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Quench your thirst and improve your body's hydration with XS Energy drinks.


    Energy Drinks

    Fuel your day. XS™ Energy Drinks are designed to deliver positive energy for making the most of every moment.

  • A cropped image of a hand outstretched over a patch of lawn is holding an XS sports protein bar. Get ready for what's next - XS Sports Protein Bars help repair and build lean muscle mass and are perfect for between and after workouts.


    Sports Nutrition

    Fuel your life. XS™ Sports Nutrition redefines what it means to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Zero sugar

XS™ Energy was the first exclusively sugar-free energy drink brand sold globally.*

GMO free

XS™ Sports Nutrition bars are free of genetically engineered ingredients.

Flavor meets function

XS™ products always deliver the best combination of flavor and function for the moments you need it in ways you can feel.

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