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Purity in the basics of life

We improve everyday life through technology. From air treatment systems to water purification technology to cleaning solutions and cookware, Amway brings scientific advancements home.

  • Clean Water Technology


    With eSpring™ products, clean, safe, and better-tasting water is always at your fingertips. Scientifically tested and third-party certified, eSpring™ products are at the cutting edge of clean-water technology.

  • Safe and Effective Cleaning

    Amway Home™ and Legacy of Clean™

    Amway Home™ and Legacy of Clean™ products are better, naturally. We keep your home surfaces clean, your clothes bright, and your dishes sparkling.

    Amway Home™ and Legacy of Clean™ is available in
    United States

Innovating purity

eSpring™ and Atmosphere™ products bring peace of mind into homes. Our water purification technology and air treatment systems use cutting-edge advancements designed by a team of scientists and engineers across the globe.

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Number one

eSpring™ is the world’s number one-selling brand of home water treatment systems.**


The Atmosphere Sky™ Air Treatment System removes 99.99 percent of particles passing through the unit – down to .007 microns.

Up to 5,000

eSpring™ systems treat up to 5,000 liters (1,320 gallons) of water between filter changes,*** meeting a family’s daily needs for a year.

When are laundry, dishes and counters really clean

Our scientists sniff, suds up and scrub to find out the Science of Clean in our Big Appliance Room.

Most of us do our best not to break things—especially the products we buy for our homes.

But you might be surprised to learn there’s a team at Amway that actually breaks our products on purpose! It’s all in an effort to make sure you get the highest-quality, longest lasting products possible.

The scientists inside Amway’s many labs are constantly working to create the best possible products for the company’s business owners and customers, at the best possible prices

WHQ News takes us on a tour of the Home Lab, otherwise known as the “Big Appliance Room.”

Controlling your air on your smartphone? We are getting involved with a digital connectivity effort that puts cleaner air at your fingertips.

More and more of the devices we depend on every day are now controlled by smartphones. From appliances to the thermostat in your home. They’re all part of what’s known as IOT. #WHQ News has the story.

At Amway World Headquarters, if you need your next great idea turned into reality in record time, chances are you’ll be using 3-D printing technology.

Amway #WHQNews takes us to our Rapid Prototyping Center and shows us how they turn “art into parts” in a matter of days. #AmwayWHQ

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Amway is in the United States and 100+ countries and territories.

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