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Personalized Just For You

The Artistry™ brand was born out of a love for beauty and healthy well-being. We offer a ground breaking, holistic approach to beauty with a belief that “Each woman is an individual like no other, a self-made work of art”. That’s why we create products that bring together the best of science and nature to create personalized beauty solutions for each woman’s individual needs.

  • Holistic Beauty


    Artistry™ takes the very best of science and nature to create beauty solutions that are personalized - for you, for her, and for everyone!

  • Must-Have Makeup and Bath

    Artistry Studio

    Artistry Studio captures the essence of hot-spot cities around the world to create must-have colors, textures, and scents for beauty lovers everywhere.

  • Healthy Hair


    Satinique™ has linked together health, beauty, and hair from the beginning. Our formulas go beyond state of the art to blend botanicals and nutrients that take hair to its full potential.

  • Nourishing Body Care


    G&H™ body care products are grounded in holistic skin health. We use ingredients that are thoughtfully grown, sourced, and blended – then create formulas for healthy-looking, balanced skin.

  • Bright and Healthy Smile


    Glister™ products are designed and tested to ensure the health and well-being of every smile, expressing the quiet confidence behind it. Trust your mouth’s radiant freshness to Glister products for confidence that always shines through.

Our Community

Our mission is to empower you to share your passion for beauty and recommend products with 100% confidence and expertise. We give you the tools you need to become a trusted beauty and well-being guide for your friends, family, and beyond.

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Infused with nature

From our organic Nutrilite farms to the ends of the earth, we curate the most effective, powerful and pure ingredients from nature with proven benefits to drive amazing results.

Perfected by science

Artistry scientists combine the right ingredients in the precise amounts, with exclusive technologies and formulations that raise the bar for effectiveness. All backed with clinical proof and rigorous safety testing.

Personalized for you

Always putting you first, Artistry has analyzed over 32,000 women’s faces from all around the world so we can create personalized beauty solutions just right for you, and each woman’s unique, one-of-a-kind beauty.

In today’s world of smartphone commerce, it’s more important than ever that the products we sell can be customized to suit the user’s needs.

That’s especially true when it comes to beauty and skincare products. This personalization is an emerging trend in skincare, and Amway is leading the effort as people look for products that meet their specific needs.

If you love Artistry’s Light Up Lip Gloss or brightening your smile with Glister toothpaste, you can thank the scientists in Amway’s Beauty and Personal Care Lab.

Their research and expertise has lead to some of your favorite products, combining the latest technology with current trends. Michele DeSelms of WHQ News has an inside look.

WHQ News takes us inside the lab for a look at the cutting edge technology that’s helping develop better skincare products!

You’ve heard the saying, “Beauty is only skin deep,” but that phrase takes on an entirely new meaning inside the Advanced Imaging and Measurement (AIM) Lab at Amway’s World Headquarters.

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