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Our opportunities

We seek – as Amway always has – to live responsibly, and we believe in providing choices that help others do the same. To us, sustainability is a journey full of possibilities and opportunities to make a difference for the planet –through our own actions and by empowering our ABOs and their customers to reduce their impact.

 Protecting plants and natural resources, designing more responsible products and packaging and globally reducing the impact of our operations: these are our priorities for making the planet better today. People at Amway have long made environmentally conscious improvements across the company. Our new targets through 2030 will further protect soil and water, reduce emissions, conserve resources and more. 

 We invite you to track our progress and new initiatives as our journey continues.

  • plant actions and commitments

    Plant actions and commitments

    Plants are our passion…and we’re passionate about protecting their future! We’re dedicated to moving beyond conservation measures to restorative practices on our nearly 6,000 acres (2,400 hectares) of certified organic farmland and encouraging similar efforts from our partner farms. Our farmers are always innovating sustainable methods of managing soil health.

  • product and packaging actions

    Product and packaging actions and commitments

    At the heart of our journey is our belief in the power of plants to promote wellbeing and deliver the best products to support consumers on their wellness journey. We’re working to create products and packaging that enable our customers to make choices that reduce their environmental impact – as well as making Amway more sustainable.

  • operation actions and commitments

    Operations actions and commitments

    Our global operations sustainability journey is evolving – and that’s a good thing! New targets will be defined as our assessments point more precisely to the most impactful actions we can take. Our priorities will reflect the planet’s most urgent needs, as well as new knowledge coming to light based on global research and other companies’ shared experience.

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At Amway, we see sustainability as a journey full of possibilities and opportunities to make a difference for the planet. Watch this video to learn more about our sustainability direction.