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Do people at the top of Amway make all the money?

No, this is a common misperception in direct selling and Amway, in particular. It is incorrect that only the people who started in Amway earlier or who are “at the top” of the business make all of the money.

It’s very possible for an individual Amway Business Owner to make more money than the person who introduced them to the business, even if that person has been with Amway for a decade or more. There’s no benefit for those who “joined Amway early.”

Some Amway Business Owners make much more money than others, but it’s because they are responsible for not only selling products themselves, but also for organizing, supporting, and leading larger sales groups of Amway Business Owners that sell significant amounts of products. At this stage, they are experienced and skilled business leaders working diligently in their business.

+What does Amway sell?
Amway offers more than 450 products through our family of brands, including NUTRILITE™, ARTISTRY™, eSPRING™, LEGACY OF CLEAN™, and ATMOSPHERE™. Read more >
+How do you make money with Amway?
Amway Business Owners (ABOs) make money when their customers buy Amway products and others in their organization sell products. Read more >
+Can you make money with Amway?
Yes, people around the world earn additional income through their Amway business. In fact, Amway has paid more than $61 billion in bonuses and incentives to its distributors (Amway Business Owners) since the company’s founding in 1959.  Read more >
+Do you have to recruit other people to make money with Amway?
No. Amway Business Owners make money from the sale of our products. Simply put, if no product is sold, nobody makes any money. Read more >
+Do people in Amway focus more on recruiting than selling products?
Selling products is the most important part of the Amway business, not recruiting. Amway Business Owners must sell products and people on their sales teams must also be selling products in order to earn income. Read more >