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FOR MORE THAN HALF A CENTURY, Amway has manufactured high-quality consumer products in the nutrition, beauty and home categories that are sold exclusively through Amway Business Owners. All people, regardless of education, economic background, or professional experience, can become an Amway Business Owner and build their business by selling Amway™ products. Amway Business Owners are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. We provide training, tools and support to help them succeed.

19 Global manufacturing plants

15 GLOBAL manufacturing plants

71+ million households have an Amway product

71+ MILLION households have an Amway product

Amway - 9.5 Billion in sales

$8.8 BILLION in sales

Nutrition and Beauty - Amway


Amway Largest 30 Private Companies

one of the 30 LARGEST private U.S. companies

75 R&D and quality assurance labs


Amway - 100 countries around the globe

100+ countries and territories

700+ places and spaces worldwide

750+ places and spaces WORLDWIDE

20, 000+ global employees

19,000+ GLOBAL employees

Amway Corporate Family Business


Amway is a family-owned business founded by Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos in 1959. These lifelong friends and business partners wanted a business of their own because they believed owning a business provided the best path to greater personal freedom. From the start, the business has been built around entrepreneurship and helping others succeed with a business of their own. Today, Amway continues to be led by the original founding families with Steve Van Andel as Chairman and Doug DeVos as President who strive to carry on the legacy created by their fathers.

Amway Corporate Principles


Amway’s mission is to help people live better lives by helping them realize their potential. Our mission continues to be guided and inspired by our Founders’ Fundamentals: Freedom, Family, Hope and Reward. These fundamentals keep us moving forward while still holding true to what matters most.

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Some of the world’s best researchers and engineers work at Amway. So do some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers and creative marketers. We have more than 20,000 employees worldwide, and their talents and energy keep us growing and improving.

At Amway, every employee is a respected member of the team. By believing in and supporting their potential, we inspire achievement in everyone. To learn more about working at Amway in the U.S., click here.

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Amway Corporate Global Presence


Amway divides its global operations into four regions. This structure allows the company to quickly and efficiently address unique regional business, distributor and customer needs. Our global locations include 700+ Amway experience centers, shops, plazas and distribution centers, as well as 15 manufacturing and processing plants.

Amway Our History


Amway has a history as colorful and exciting as the families and friends that made it the success it is today.

The Amway Newsroom


There is a lot to keep track of when a business operates in more than 100 countries and territories. Access the most recent news, scan core documents and follow informational resources for the latest about Amway.