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XS gets a new look

New cans, who dis? XS gets a new look

The XS brand is unveiling a new global design for all XS products.

The new cans feature a more simplified logo with bold new colors that will match the flavor of the drink.

“The bottom of the can uses three levels of colored mountains, each becoming lighter from front to back to create a sense of visual depth. The main XS logo sits on a clean, crisp white background for a more natural feel. The slight gradient behind the XS logo represents the sky as seen on a natural landscape. All these elements work together to create a strong visual contrast between flavor color and a clean, white background,” said Luca Manfredi, creative director for the XS brand.

XS new cans

The XS rebrand will better cater to the visual preferences of younger consumers and match the personality and adventure ethos of the XS brand. The new look will also create visual consistency between the Energy Drink and Sports Nutrition lineups and will be rolled out across all 57 global XS markets to ensure brand consistency worldwide.


Keep a lookout for the new can design coming soon to your market!