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Creativity, competition thrive inside Amway’s Beauty and Personal Care Lab

Creativity, competition thrive inside Amway’s Beauty and Personal Care Lab

Whether you’re removing skin impurities with an exfoliant or dabbing on cream to combat wrinkles, the products from Amway’s Beauty and Personal Care Lab are leaders in the industry.

Inside the Beauty and Personal Care Lab at World Headquarters current trends, competition and the strength of believability play leading roles.

Research scientist Aimee Herbel said the team works tirelessly to ensure product claims are met.

“By providing them with products that meet those standards we’re enabling them to help make those connections, sell more product, do all of those things that make them have a successful business.”

Scientists also embrace the directive to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to usability and trends – all in an effort to keep up with the desires of our business owners and their customers.

“We’re continually monitoring trends, too, so we understand what products are of interest to people,” Herbel said. “We may be able to put all the technology into a product, but if it’s not something that’s trendy at the time or something that’s going to be desirable for them, they’re not going to buy it. So we can look at the technology piece but we also have to look at ‘what do people really want?’”

Herbel said the lab makes sure to test Amway products against the competition.

“One of the big things we’re doing is we’re constantly looking at what’s out there from competitors, so we’re understanding the competitive landscape for each different product type,” Herbel said.

That helps ABOs note obvious advantages in Amway products.

“We need to make sure that we are developing world-class products that are the quality that our ABOs and consumers expect.”

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