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A60 Highlight

Amway shares plans for future growth during 60th anniversary celebration in Las Vegas

As Amway celebrates its 60th year, the world’s largest direct seller is focused on driving future growth through social commerce, product personalization and innovation, and seamless new digital experiences for Amway Business Owners (ABOs) and their customers. To commemorate the anniversary and recognize the most successful leaders in Amway’s global sales force, approximately 3,500 ABOs from 48 countries speaking 23 languages will gather in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 16 – 22 for the company’s official A60 celebration.

“As we look ahead to an exciting future, we know some things like our values will remain constant,” said Doug DeVos, co-chairman, Amway. “But transformational change in social, digital and product innovation – especially in health and wellness – will help Amway be even more competitive in a rapidly changing global marketplace and support the long-term success of our ABOs.”

This year, Amway welcomes its first non-family CEO, Milind Pant, to assume overall leadership of the company. Pant will lead the strategy to provide the right experiences across social, digital and product portfolios for ABOs and their customers, ensuring Amway’s ongoing appeal to global entrepreneurs, especially millennials.

“Milind brings a wealth of experience that will go far in advancing Amway’s focus on empowering entrepreneurs and meeting customer needs with exclusive and innovative products.” Amway co-chairman Steve Van Andel said. “And his curiosity, infectious energy and optimism are a great fit for Amway’s culture among our employees and ABOs across the globe.”

New investments in the company’s mobile and data platforms are enabling ABOs to better manage their businesses almost entirely from their smartphones. For example, the Amway Business Center app allows business owners to track sales volume and qualifications and easily connect with their groups.

Additionally, new enterprise digital platforms and social capabilities are helping ABOs provide their customers with easy, personalized experiences:

  • The Artistry™ Virtual Beauty app, where users “try on” the brand’s color cosmetics and take a skincare assessment to receive personalized product recommendations based on skin needs.
  • Atmosphere™ Connect, a global app that pairs with the Atmosphere Sky air treatment system to provide users air quality data over time. In the U.S., units are being developed to be voice activated via Amazon Alexa.™
  • The BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program, a holistic, personalized weight loss program that includes a new line of meal replacement shakes and an app that serves as a personal coach, helping users achieve weight management goals and share their successes with others.

Amway is also leveraging its expertise in nutrition and beauty to develop more products for young and young-at-heart consumers, especially those who seek more natural and personalized products. These products and programs vary globally depending on local consumer trends and include examples such as:

  • Artistry Studio, a new lifestyle brand of trendy, limited edition makeup and specialty bath collections. Each collection is inspired by a different hot spot destination city, tapping into millennials’ passions for travel and culture. Launched globally last year with the NYC collection, Artistry Studio tripled the number of Artistry customers under the age of 35 and sold more than the past five Artistry trend collections combined.
  • The Nutrilite™ Traceability Program, which takes ABOs and customers behind the label and shows how every botanical in Nutrilite vitamins and supplements can be traced along every step of the ingredient journey.

“Amway is a perfect fit for so many of today’s key global trends,” said CEO Milind Pant. “Communities of shared interest thrive online with the increasing role of social influencers, customers seek easy and personalized experiences, and the gig economy offers everyone an opportunity to work differently and earn extra income. Amway is poised to capitalize on these trends as we move forward into our next 60 years.”