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Black Lives Matter

A letter from Milind Pant, Amway CEO

To our Amway family,

Amway was founded as a business open to all, no matter one’s heritage, education level, religious views or background. We bring people together – from all over the globe – who are aligned to our purpose of helping people live better, healthier lives. We feel a deep responsibility every day to live that purpose, which has guided us for the last 60+ years.


Events in recent weeks have brought to light deep scars within society, and for many, our society isn’t working. We must seek to understand and act to do our part to correct this in order to truly live that purpose.


We stand behind the black community and their call for equal justice. We are starting by making donations to two organizations – the NAACP and the National Urban League – whose underlying purposes are based in social equality and correcting a long history of injustice. They are working with communities whose voices have gone unheard for far too long. We are also helping our employees by launching unity circles for sharing their stories and supporting each other; and providing resources to help them listen, learn and act against racism. We are strengthening our resolve, in partnership with our Amway Business Owners, on our stance that hate and racism have never had a place in Amway; and that everyone is welcome and included here.


We know these are but small steps in the long fight to create an equitable society. We know we need to do more to break our biases and to end our silence.


Earlier this year, we launched new culture principles at Amway that have their foundation in our long-standing Founders’ Fundamentals of freedom, family, hope and reward. Yet for too many, for too long, freedom and hope for the future have been in question. It should never be that way. We have also come together and vowed to lead with heart, and that means to listen, to work together to do the right thing, and to always have each other’s backs. Now more than ever, we will ask ourselves every day if we are doing those things for all. We will ensure that we are listening intently to our colleagues and business owners who need us to take a stand. We are learning what we can do and how to be better. We are taking action.


There is great power in all of us working together to end racism. We vow to be part of the solution. We will hold ourselves accountable to these words. We will help change the future.


We are clear on where Amway stands. Black Lives Matter.