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Behind The Screen With Amway Business Owner Geoffrey

Geoffrey lives in South Korea where tradition and technology coexist. He travels the country sharing his energy and passion for the Amway business from unique coffee shops or Instagram-worthy destinations. “I love to create content. I use my background in film, design and photography to make it fun and engaging for my online community,” says Geoffrey. He believes in achieving more together than alone and uses every opportunity – online and in person – to connect, teach and help people become better consumers.

Geoffrey found time recently to answer some questions for Amway Global so we could share his insights and advice with others.


AG: What is one of your favorite hobbies?

G: Performing! I express my feelings through singing and dancing. It is healing for me.


AG: When did you become an Amway Business Owner?

G: Amway has always been a part of my life because my parents are Amway Business Owners. Growing up I counted down the days until I could have my own business too.


AG: Why do you love about being an Amway Business Owner?

G: The lifestyle of leisure, growth, and friendship is deeply fulfilling and gives me confidence in a successful future.


AG: Do you have a daily routine?

G: I drink a Nutrilite protein shake three times a day: for breakfast, a snack and after my evening workout. I also use Artistry Vitamin C+HA serum every morning and night, and a Signature Select Face Mask 2-3x a week.


AG: Which product do you use often but wish you did not need?

G: Atmosphere Sky Air Purifier and eSpring Water Purifier. I wish we lived in a perfect, pollution-free world, but at least I can have clean air at home and bring pure water with me.


AG: What are you passionate about sharing on social media?

G: Fitness and Adventure. Living an active lifestyle energizes me as well as the people around me. Each time I share a bike ride, run, or dance moves on social media it creates a healthy cycle of motivation for all of us.


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