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Behind The Screen With Amway Business Owner Olivia

Exercise is life for Olivia in Seoul, South Korea. However, her focus on health and wellness is not only for her benefit, but for others too. Olivia shares her knowledge with followers through online lectures, small group chats, individual health coaching, and even a reading club on business and entrepreneurship, self-development and health management. Every interaction includes healthy habits and Amway products to help people meet their goals. “When I see people become healthier, it gives me a sense of passion and purpose,” she says, “It’s really rewarding”.


Olivia found time recently to answer some questions for Amway Global so we could share her insights and advice with others.


AG: What do you do for fun?

O: Visit cafes, hang out with friends, eat nice food, and travel.


AG: If you could have only one hobby, what would it be?

O: Exercise! CrossFit is my favorite. I like to push myself, sweat and work out with others.


AG: Why did you decide to become an Amway Business Owner?

O: I wanted control over living my life freely and with good people.


AG: Share a fun fact about yourself!

O: I have my own YouTube channel where I share about Nutrilite products and healthy living tips.


AG: What led you to develop a passion for health?

O: I see the value in pursuing health together. When people in our community become healthier and more positive, our whole group is stronger and motivated towards wellness.


AG: What Amway products can you not live without?

O: All Amway products are must-haves! But if I had to pick: eSpring Water Purifier and Nutrilite All Plant Protein and supplements.

AG: What advice do you have for those just starting their social media journey?

Be patient, be consistent and be authentic! Share something you genuinely care about, and your community will form organically.


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