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Skin Microbiome Health

Does your lifestyle affect your skin microbiome (health)? Our study shows it might.

Amway and Microbiome Insights, Inc., the global leader in microbiome testing, recently released a new, patent-pending study that uncovers understandings behind how the skin microbiome works and which key factors have the greatest impact on aging and our skin’s overall health.

The microbiome is the community of organisms that live in, on and around the human body. Understanding the microbiome is one of the fastest growing areas of science and it is already changing the way scientists, companies and consumers around the world think about health and wellness. As science is linking microbiome characteristics with aspects of human health, appearance, and the home environment, companies are looking to translate the potential of the microbiome into products that improve consumers’ lives.

Amway and Microbiome Insights, Inc. have a long-term research collaboration agreement in the areas of skin health, gut health and nutrition. With the new scientific direction established through the agreement, Amway will initially focus on researching new solutions in skin health, with later efforts focusing on nutrition and gut health.

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