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Flat lay with Sweet Lemon Crunch BodyKey bar, Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss, Artistry essentials Light Lotion near an open laptop and a smart phone. This image is from one of the monthly downloadable packages of photos for our business owners to use on social media, whether that’s WeChat or Facebook, Instagram or Line.

Level up your social media feed with Amway’s flat lay photo pack

We get it — running social media accounts to support your Amway Business isn’t easy! Between meeting with new customers and prospective business owners — and likely working a full-time job (or even a part-time job) — it’s hard to have time to capture awesome photos to share your favorite products, and how you use them throughout the day.

That’s why we’re creating downloadable packages of photos for you to use on social media, whether that’s WeChat or Facebook, Instagram or Line. Each monthly package will feature a different theme of content. And, while we know that not all the Amway products featured in these photos are available in every market, we hope you’ll be able to use these photos as inspiration for how to create high-quality content on your own.

We’ll also include some tips and tricks to take into account when creating your own photos if you want to mimic the photos in the downloadable package.

Download the flat lay pack

Master the flat lay

Flat lay photos are taken from above, usually depicting products and items on their side, or laying down. When creating your own, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Build on a theme: The products and items in the photo should relate to each other. For example, you might build a photo around date night, with items you use to get ready (think hairbrush, makeup, jewelry, perfume, etc.). Just putting random items together for a photo won’t make sense and can cause your photo to look disorganized.
  2. Choose items that look good from above: Products that stand up don’t usually look good in a flat lay. Choose products you can lay on their side or on their back for best results.
  3. Spacing and organization is key: Pay special attention to the spacing in between items in the photo. You don’t want to crowd the photo with too much stuff, but you also don’t want it to look empty. Choose whether you want items displayed in more of a grid design or in more of an organic, less orderly manner. Experiment with different styles to find which style suits the photo you’re taking.
  4. Think in textures and sizes: Including different textures can be a great way to add visual depth and interest to the photo. What’s the backdrop of the photo? Rustic wood or posh marble? This can have a strong impact on the outcome of the photo. Don’t hesitate to combine larger and smaller items as well as different fabrics (hand-knit scarves give off a different vibe than silk or linen) as you build the shot.

We hope these tips give you a good head start to creating your own flat lays. We’d love to see your creations! Post a pic to Instagram with the hashtag #AmwayLife and tag us (@Amway), and we’ll share our favorites!