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Granulation infographic

[Infographic] Granulation: the first step in Amway’s Nutrilite vitamin tablet production

In 2012, Amway announced a global $332 million manufacturing expansion, and the first of the new facilities to open in 2015 marked its official opening on May 21, 2015.

The new granulation facility, based in Buena Park, California, U.S., uses an advanced manufacturing process to turn plant materials like dandelion and alfalfa into powder. The granulation manufacturing facility forms the powdered material into a consistency that can be pressed into tablets. You can follow the process along in the above infographic.

  • Dried and powdered plant materials are transported from Amway farms to the new granulation facility in Buena Park, California, U.S., where they are sifted and inspected for quality control.
  • The powdered material is loaded into the high shear granulator and mixed with a liquid binding solution, which is then dried in the fluid bed.
  • The dried plant powder/binder mixture is again sifted and inspected for quality assurance, and then packaged and shipped to Amway tabulation facilities.
  • The tabulation facilities compress the powder into tablets.
  • The new granulation manufacturing facility has the capacity to produce more than 1 million kilograms of plant powder, supporting a tablet operation with the capacity to produce more than 6.5 billion tablets a year.

With more than 10 quality assurance checkpoints along the granulation process, the entire facility is engineered to produce safe and quality supplement tablets for customers around the world. The operation underwent about 15 months of testing before it turned out a single batch for sale to customers, so when customers get NUTRILITE™ products, they can be assured they are getting the highest quality supplements available.