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Rule your routine with new Artistry Signature Select™ Body


Download the Artistry Signature Select™ Body photo pack below

Skin is the largest organ of the body with more than 3 million skin cells on every square centimeter. Most of our body’s skin can be found from the neck down, but this area does not always get the attention it deserves and craves. Although many people have a facial skincare routine, they may not know how to properly care for body skin—or realize how prominently it can show signs of premature aging. That’s where the new Artistry Signature Select™ Body Care Collection comes into play. The third collection under the Artistry Signature Select™ brand, it’s highly personalized to address different skin concerns all over the body, like free radical protection for hands, arms, and chest that commonly show the first signs of aging.

Let’s take a closer at this exciting collection, which is sure to become a fast favorite:


It features five highly experiential body products

The Yellow Purifying Body Cleanser cleanses skin from impurities
The Purple Polishing Body Scrub polishes dull dry skin for a smoother, healthier look
The Green Hydrating Body Gel delivers moisture where and when skin needs it most
The White Brightening Body Cream reveals skin’s healthy-looking radiance
The Red Firming Lotion keeps skin looking firm and tight


 It encourages you to #RuleyourRoutine

Each product works brilliantly on its own but can also be combined as part of a more personalized daily “body beauty” routine. Choose different products to rule your routine or try the routine of our Artistry™ skincare experts to get started: Cleanse daily with Purifying Body Cleanser in the shower and follow with Polishing Scrub 1-2x a week, apply the Firming Lotion 2x per day, and finish with the Hydrating Gel or Brightening Cream 2x per day.


It uses the best of nature and best of science

Using good-for-you Nutrilite™ ingredients, the products lead to great-for-you results. Each body care formula is infused with exclusive Nutrilite™-sourced phytonutrients like citrus, black currant, green tea and peach, acerola cherry and white chia seed, and pomegranate extracts. Pick your passion and discover a sensory experience unlike any other!

With the new Artistry Signature Select™ Body Care Collection, you’ll be well on your way to finally bringing body skincare into limelight. The only question is will you stick to one product a day, or will you incorporate multiple into your routine depending on your ever-changing skincare needs? We’re excited to see what you choose to rule your routine!

Download the photo pack below, which you can use to post on your own social accounts or snap your own pics. Just remember to use #RuleYourRoutine and #AmwayLife in the caption for a chance to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.


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