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Skin-saving tips for wearing a face mask

Whether you are on the front lines or in line at the grocery store, face masks have become an essential accessory. And while they are important to keep bacteria and germs contained, they can also cause the skin underneath to, well, freak out. Face masks create limited air flow, pressure on skin and increased moisture and humidity that are all prime conditions for skin irritation, acne and added oiliness. The good news is you don’t need to sacrifice your skin for the sake of your health. We’ve got some skin-saving tips to prevent and treat issues – and keep your confidence up when the mask comes down.

Keep up on your daily skincare routine. Cleansing and nourishing skin morning and night is more important than ever to help maintain skin’s barrier and ability to repair. Always use a gentle cleanser to remove buildup and debris. We recommend essentials by Artistry™ Gel Cleanser, followed by Anti-Acne Pore Refresher with salicylic acid if you have oily and acne-prone skin. Also, add an intense moisturizer at night like Artistry Youth™ Xtend Enriching Cream to promote barrier repair and prep for the next day’s abuse.

Adopt pre- and post- mask priorities. Hydrated skin is good, but too much moisture immediately before wearing a mask will irritate skin and could cause long-term damage. Instead, reach for a 100% pure Vitamin C product to improve and protect the skin barrier without overly hydrating skin’s surface. We recommend Advanced Vitamin C & HA Treatment Serum to help strengthen skin’s support and hydrate deep within skin’s surface. After removing your mask for the day, be sure to cleanse again and apply a more restorative moisturizer (like you would use in the evening). Try essentials by Artistry™ Makeup Removing Wipes for a quick clean during masked outings.

Give skin issues special care. Increased and repeated mask use can cause skin irritation and acne breakouts – especially along the chin and cheeks – that can turn into areas of hyperpigmentation. Treat areas of concern with products designed for the job, like essentials by Artistry™ Anti-Acne Gel Treatment for blemishes and irritation and Artistry Signature Select™ Personalized Serum with the Anti-Spot Amplifier to reduce visible dark spots. Follow up with a rich moisturizer full of brightening ingredients to keep an even skin tone. We recommend an Artistry Ideal Radiance™ Illuminating Moisturizer that pairs antioxidants with complexion perfection.

Keep makeup to the bare minimum. Adapt your makeup routine to the new norm. Skip makeup under your mask altogether or try using an oil-free primer or hydrating foundation like Artistry Hydra-V™ Sheer Weightless Foundation, to allow skin to breathe. Swap out a full-on lip color for a hydrating and soothing lip balm too, like Artistry Studio™ Tinted Lip Balm. And be sure give your face plenty of makeup free moments to refresh.

Pick your mask wisely. Whether you are buying a mask or making your own, look for material that is breathable with 100% cotton fabric. Synthetic materials tend to hold moisture close to skin and cause more irritation. Don’t forget to clean your cotton mask regularly by throwing it in the washing machine according to CDC guidelines.

So, the next time you reach for your face mask, try a few of these precautions first for the sake of your skin.