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Living with love

“Each person is a unique being and we are constantly growing and expanding positively, both personally and professionally.”

Tianna, Brazil
5 years with Amway

Continuous improvement

Tianna enjoys getting together with friends or colleagues to travel, go out to eat practice photography or simply “philosophize and reflect on life.” As part of her effort to “be better every day,” she exercises about five times a week and tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

She loves connecting with people on social media because it exposes her to all sorts of different personalities and beliefs. “I can perceive and understand the different existing universes and respect them,” she said. “And I can expand my universe to the diverse possibilities about business and people across the world.”

Tianna chooses to live her life each day with love and positive energy, finding pride and joy in her work. And while she feels accomplished helping others achieve their goals, when it comes to finding fulfillment and pride, she believes the best is yet to come.

Tianna using a phone and laptop Tianna drinking from a large green cup


Interviewer: How do you define success?
Tianna: Success is when we manage to BE a better person and a broad and humane professional. The real success is to live, fulfilling dreams, sharing the successes of everyone and with everyone who is with me on the journey called life.

I: What makes you feel like a success?
T: When I look at the sky and feel real gratitude for what I have achieved and for being able to help others achieve their goals and dreams. And when I feel other people’s recognition and affection for me and for my work and for who I am. And when I make my family happy.

I: What’s one of the most memorable (or important) lessons you’ve learned as an Amway Business Owner?
T: Each person is a unique being and we are constantly growing and expanding positively, both personally and professionally.

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