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Striving for wellness

“Amway has been always in my family. My parents have started the business and now I am the second gen. They have created an opportunity for me to pass down to my next generations to come.”

Abisesh, India
15 years with Amway


Wellness is a big priority for Abisesh, from starting his days with meditation and yoga to making smart food choices to ensuring he gets enough physical activity each day.

“Being strong not only means physically, it may be mentally, emotionally, it may be spiritually. I want to have all the pillars of wellness,” he said. And he shares that wellness journey with his social media followers as part of his Amway business.

“I focus on my regular activities that I have been doing and I create content around those,” he says. “A major portion of my social media following is fitness enthusiasts. So, it has been easy for me to connect with people all around the globe.”

He also shares his love of nature on social media, enjoying the fact that his home is so close to mountains, forests, lakes and rivers. “We don’t have to differentiate between professional and personal, it’s all together basically,” he said.

Abisesh walking outside Abisesh wading


Interviewer: If you could have only one hobby, what would it be? What do you enjoy about it?
Abisesh: Travelling: new cuisines, exploring new cultures, focusing on my health, peace, new friends and most important, being one with the nature. … I promote healthy living and traveling helps me do that. Whenever someone asks me to go anywhere, I’m always ready.

I: What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
A: Regular exercise, positive attitude, adequate rest, and balanced nutrition. … When I wake up, the first thing I do is 5 minutes of meditation so that I can recollect all the learnings from yesterday. Then some stretching, some yoga or some kind of home workout.

I: What makes you feel like a success?
A: When my teammates achieve something new and when my mentors feel proud of me.

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