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Taming the chaos

“Success in any area is a result of the right routines and habits practiced over and over
again, consistently.”

Pramilla, India
14 years with Amway

Success begins at home

Pramilla is up at 6 a.m. each day for a run before exercising with her children, making a healthy breakfast and getting them off to school. One of her goals is to maintain her current fitness level even when she’s 20 years older. That means making the right choices – big or small – each and every day.

She shares that philosophy with her Amway team and customers as well as her social media followers. “My goal is to show how to make daily nutrition simple. That’s it!”

While she feels accomplished when she completes her run or cooks a healthy meal, her real sense of pride comes from her “role as a mother doing everyday things with my children and investing my values in them,” she said. “Success begins at home.”

Pramilla with her children Pramilla jumping with her children


Interviewer: Who is someone you look up to or who inspires you? Why?
Pramilla: I have high regard for successful people who have managed to maintain values and ethics and family values.

I: How do you define success?
P: Success begins at home, with those closest to you, and really knowing, loving and respecting you the most. And success in any area is a result of the right routines and habits practiced over and over again, consistently.

I: What inspires you about your work as an Amway Business Owner?
P: I get satisfaction seeing people’s lives change.

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