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New Amway app offers more in less time

image of mobile phone with Amway logo on screen

The hub app puts everything ABOs need in the palm of their hands.


Depending on the geography, Amway’s essential app goes by different names: Digital Toolbox, Resource Center, Amway Central, and Amway Mobile.

Despite the varying monikers, this free hub app has one mission: provide everything Amway Business Owners need to run their business. Designed for new and experienced ABOs alike, the app is a one-stop destination for the latest Amway digital apps, publications and websites.

“They basically get access to everything they need in the palm of their hand,” said Mike Gamaggio, Manager of Owned Web and Native App Experiences, Amway Global Digital Services.

Digital transformation

With access to demo videos, electronic brochures and catalogs, link out to Business Center and Online Shopping plus lots more to come, this native experience helps ABOs showcase Amway products and opportunities more effectively.

New versions of this hub app have recently been rolled out around the globe. The updates have been developed faster than ever before, because of a better approach behind the scenes that emphasizes collaboration between markets. Amway’s tech team partnered with regional markets to divvy up the workload of building different components, which then could be shared.

This strategy involves basically assembling pieces of an app project, by dragging and dropping. The first versions were released in India and Korea, then Europe and Russian, followed by Latin America.

“We used components that had already been created,” Gamaggio said. “The advantage is the first step takes a little bit longer, but the second, third and fourth steps are shorter thanks to a high level of re-usability and you can deliver them much faster. The Latin America app, for example, was delivered in four months.”

Avoiding duplication

The benefit of the collaboration is that it avoids duplication of work.

The app framework has been rolled out in 52 markets allowing every market to publish the local content they require to support ABOs. By the end of 2018, an updated hub app will be available everywhere except China and North America, which will come out in early 2019.

“We are helping the market build components together. The component is like a shell, but the content that flows into the component is market specific. We have a framework, and then markets can fill that framework with different pieces, whether it’s video or infographics or documents or e-brochures,” said Mani Palutla, a senior product owner with Amway.

It’s a way to ensure that someone who recently joined the business can find exactly what they are looking for at the App Store — in less time.

Positive response

In the Asian Pacific markets, the hub app is called Amway Central. In Europe, it is Amway Mobile, formerly Amway Kiosk. In India, the app is the Amway Digital Toolbox, and in North America, it will be known as the new Amway Resource Center.

The different names and app design reflect the culture needs and requirements of the individual markets, Gamaggio says.

The response has been positive. In Latin America, the hub app garnered a 4.6 out of 5 stars in reviews. ABOs praised the app for giving them access to all the content that they need to monitor their businesses.

“We’ve got ABOs who have businesses in multiple countries, and the advantage is now they don’t need to learn how two apps with similar capabilities work. If they know how to manage the USA app, then they will also know how to manage the UK or the Korean app,” Gamaggio said.