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Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of Turkey's second plaza in Ankara.

Amway Turkey celebrates opening of second plaza on 20th anniversary

Earlier this month Amway Turkey welcomed Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel to celebrate the market’s 20th anniversary and commemorate the opening of its second plaza in Ankara, the second-largest city in Turkey.

“If the first Plaza in Istanbul is any indication, this plaza will be a huge success,” Van Andel said in front of more than 1000 people at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. “Nearly 325,000 people have visited the Amway Plaza in Istanbul since it opened in 2011 and almost 10,000 people visit it every month.”

The Ankara plaza is designed to focus on Amway branding and to enhance training and education. It also will help increase awareness and visibility of the Amway business. It will support ABOs in Ankara as well as the central Anatolia region.

The Ankara Plaza is one of the many plazas that Amway has around the world, offering meeting spaces, product displays, demonstration areas and often distribution — all to help ABOs build their business and serve customers. To a first-time customer or prospective business owner, Amway plazas are a place to experience Amway’s products firsthand.

The entrepreneurial spirit in Turkey remains strong. People continue to want to own their own business, and we’ll keep tapping into these desires and helping people realize their dreams,” Van Andel said. “We’ve been committed to Turkey for 20 years and will continue that commitment well into the future.”