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Photo pack download: Amway products with natural ingredients

Photo pack download: Amway products with natural ingredients

The demand for plant-based ingredients in skincare and nutritional products has never been greater. In fact, a recent report conducted by Global Market Insights, Inc. determined that the global market demand is expected to hit 13 trillion USD by the year 2025.

This trend in favor of natural ingredients is good new for both our beauty and nutrition brands, Artistry and Nutrilite, and other Amway products that use the best of nature and the best of science when developing and manufacturing products. Plus, many of these natural ingredients are sourced from Nutrilite’s certified organic farms, which ensures a guaranteed quality standard unlike most competitors.

Promoting and spreading the word about Artistry and Nutrilite’s plant-based ingredients can be extremely advantageous to attract both customers and prospects alike. To help you tap into this trend, we pulled together a few examples of products and natural ingredient. Download this ingredients photo pack to post on your social accounts!

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