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Amway partners with global leader in microbiome testing

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(ADA, MICH) April 17, 2018 — Today Amway announced a new strategic partnership for research and development with a global leader in microbiome testing, Microbiome Insights, Inc.

The microbiome is the community of organisms that live in, on and around the human body. Understanding the microbiome is one of the fastest growing areas of science and it is already changing the way scientists, companies and consumers around the world think about health and wellness. As science is linking microbiome characteristics with aspects of human health, appearance, and the home environment, companies are looking to translate the potential of the microbiome into products that improve consumers’ lives.

“Amway has a history of pioneering health, wellness and nutrition. Our philosophy has and always will be to create products that help people live healthier lives by using the best of nature and best of science” said Paul Seehra, Director, Global Discovery, Amway Research and Development. “For Amway, microbiome research and scientific discovery will aid in the development of future high-performing nutrition, beauty and even home products.”

Microbiome Insights, founded by thought leaders in microbiome area and experts in microbiome analysis and interpretation from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada), brings a depth of scientific expertise to the partnership in order to facilitate the rapid development of quality products.

Research on the human microbiome—the complex communities of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and archaea, living in and on the human body—is advancing at a rapid pace worldwide, with the number of related scientific publications growing exponentially.

The long-term research collaboration agreement caps a three-year alliance between Amway and Microbiome Insights in the areas of skin health, gut health and nutrition. The two companies recently collaborated on a study that found the diversity and taxonomic composition of the skin microbiome varied significantly across age, ethnicity, gender and body site of 500 subjects.

“We are excited to work with Amway and have been impressed with their commitment to advancing microbiome research and product development,” said Malcolm Kendall, Chief Executive Officer, Microbiome Insights. “They are leaders in this area.”

Amway’s research and development model emphasizes close collaboration with both academia and industry —including sharing and publishing data to advance the scientific discipline. With the new scientific direction established through the agreement, Amway will initially focus on researching new solutions in skin health, with later efforts focusing on nutrition and gut health.



About Amway

Amway is an $8.6 billion direct selling business based in Ada, Michigan, USA. Top-selling brands for Amway are Nutrilite™ vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements, Artistry™ skincare and color cosmetics, Atmosphere™ air treatment systems, eSpring™ water treatment systems and XS™ energy drinks – all sold exclusively by Amway Business Owners. Global sales in 2016 made Amway the No. 1 direct selling business in the world, according to the 2017 Direct Selling News Global 100. The company’s annual sales figure includes revenue from direct selling operations and other business holdings. For company news, visit


About Microbiome Insights

Microbiome Insights, Inc. is a global leader providing end-to-end services for microbiome DNA sequencing, including state-of-the-art bioinformatic analysis. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the company’s customized suite of services enables researchers and clinicians to easily and effectively include microbiome analysis in studies across a range of human, animal, agricultural and environmental applications. The multidisciplinary team of researchers and knowledge leaders at the company’s helm provide access to decades of expertise in traditional sciences such as ecology, microbiology, infectious diseases, and genetics. Microbiome Insights’ award-winning team is committed to providing clients with fast, dependable, cost-effective results. Learn more:

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