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Amway COVID-19 FAQ

Can Nutrilite products eliminate the coronavirus?

Nutrilite products are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease—including the COVID-19 virus. No Amway personnel or ABO should ever recommend a Nutrilite product as a suitable treatment, prevention, or cure for a disease or medical condition, or as a substitute for a pharmaceutical drug, therapy, or other treatment.

Nutrilite highly encourages customers to consult with public health officials and follow their recommendations for all matters in relationship to the COVID-19 virus: its background, transmission potential, symptoms, and treatment methods (see World Health Organization/Centers for Disease Control information).


Can Amway cleaning products eliminate the coronavirus?

Presently, Amway Home products have not been tested to demonstrate effectiveness against viruses similar to COVID-19 (2019 Novel Coronavirus) on hard, non-porous surfaces. While Pursue™ Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate has been found to be effective against a broad range of viruses, fungi, and bacteria, we cannot specifically claim effectiveness against the 2019 Novel Coronavirus at this time.


Can Amway’s Atmosphere Air Purifiers prevent the spread of the coronavirus?

The Atmosphere™; Atmosphere Sky™; Atmosphere Mini™; and Atmosphere Drive™ Air Purifier systems are not by themselves an appropriate method of protection against viruses such as COVID-19, MERS, SARS or H1N1 viruses.  Amway air purifier systems can effectively remove these viruses – but only from the air that is actually drawn through the unit. Overall exposure to these viruses and other potential airborne contaminants, and their associated health risks, will not be completely eliminated by the use of any Amway air purifier system.

Governmental agencies and consumer protection groups are aggressively scrutinizing companies that may be seen as attempting to profit from the current crisis.  Therefore, in the interest of complete corporate and social responsibility, and in an effort to avoid such scrutiny, we are asking that Amway Business Owners not associate any AMWAY products or their independent business with COVID-19.

Amway highly encourages customers to consult with public health officials and follow their recommendations for all matters in relationship to the COVID-19 virus: its background, transmission potential, symptoms, and treatment methods (see World Health Organization/Centers for Disease Control information).


Will the coronavirus affect product supply?

Amway is committed to meeting customer demands and supporting Amway Business Owners through this challenging time of responding to the coronavirus. We are experiencing heightened product demand across most markets and impacted products include Bio C, Chewable C, Garlic, Echinacea, Glister MRS, Hand Soap, Hand Gel, SKY units and filters. Supply Chain is wasting no time using air freight options, expediting customs and otherwise cutting through red tape like never before to get product to pick up centers and to the homes of ABOs and their customers. They’re also expediting resupply of key impacted products by operating facilities in Ada and Buena Park at maximum capacity 24 hours per day /7 days per week to meet the heightened needs. We will continue to work through this situation diligently and communicate with ABOs as product availability issues arise.


Will the hand sanitizer be for sale / in other markets?

Amway has quickly mobilized to produce a limited quantity of hand sanitizer.  Our current distribution plan is focused on West Michigan organizations, mainly local hospitals and emergency responders on the frontlines of fighting the pandemic.  We are unable to fulfill individual requests from employees. We will most certainly review any need in the West Michigan community while we determine what our future production runs might look like – like many organizations who manufacture this product, we are limited by the availability of necessary raw materials.

If there is an organization reaching out, please have them send their request to and provide contact information and the quantity of hand sanitizer requested.  Requests will be reviewed daily and responded to accordingly.


Can we clean our hands with diluted G&H without using water to rinse-off after use?

We strongly recommend NOT to add water to the G&H hand soap and use without rinsing. This is not an effective method for removing viruses from the hands.

Hand soap is not designed to be left on the skin like a liquid hand sanitizer is. Hand soap works by acting as a vehicle to physically remove contaminants from the hands. The mechanical act of rubbing hands with soap and rinsing with water for 20 seconds is the key to clean hands as recommended by the CDC. Diluting reduces the concentration of antimicrobials and can lessen its effectiveness against germs and viruses. Tap water can contaminate the product and compromise the product’s preservative system, which helps ensure the safety and integrity of the product.

None of the G&H cleansing products are designed to be left on the skin.


There is some information saying that we shouldn’t use bar soap to clean our hands during this pandemic because the virus can stay on the soap. Is this true?

Bar soap is still a reliable and effective method for washing hands during the pandemic. The following article explains bar soap effectiveness and tips for using bar soap:

Even if the virus is trapped on a soap bar, it will not multiply and will be washed away when hands are rinsed for :20 seconds with water. To prevent any contaminants from growing keep the bar soap dry when not in use.


Safety of Product Delivery and COVID-19

Studies* show that COVID-19 can survive up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to three days on plastic, which means it is very unlikely to survive over a period of days or weeks when an item is shipped. It is also important to remember that we ship products in bundles with outer packaging that is usually removed before store and home delivery orders are sent.

Representatives from the U.S. CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases have reported that it may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their face. While this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads, you should still wash your hands often and thoroughly after handling all objects entering your home from the outside. Also, there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with imported goods and there have not been any cases of COVID-19 in the United States associated with imported goods.


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