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What are Amway’s consumer protections?

When people start an Amway business or buy our products, we want them to be confident in their choice. That’s why we’ve established the most comprehensive customer service and consumer protections offering.

These protections include:

  • Zero purchase requirements and minimal sign-up fees for new business owners
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with our products and business ownership, including a cooling-off period on purchases and buy-back policies on inventory
  • Warranty programs promising premium protection for our durable products, like our air and water purifiers and cookware
  • Customer service assistance for all Amway product and business owner inquiries at no additional cost
  • Data protection
  • The right to know these protections exist and what is available to customers and IBOs in their market

Although specific provisions of Amway Promise vary by market, all IBOs must follow the Rules of Conduct, which define the responsibilities of building and operating an Amway business. The Rules are consistent with the Code of Ethics of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA).

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