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Healthy Swaps

5 healthy swaps that have lifelong impact

When you’re ready to make some lifestyle changes to improve your health, the scope can seem overwhelming at first. You might find yourself wondering if you have to completely overhaul what you’re eating, or start by launching into a new, intense exercise routine?

For those who don’t want a 180-degree turn, research has shown that a few small changes in what we eat, drink, and how we move can have positive lifelong impacts on our health.

Let’s break it down into some easy swaps:

Take the stairs, not the elevator: People who climb just two flights of stairs each day can lose up to six pounds over the span of a year, according to Duke University. Stair-climbing also has been shown to increase your good cholesterol. If you’re climbing multiple flights a day, it can quickly put a dent into the 30 minutes of physical activity we all should be getting.

Splash on the oil, ditch the butter: Replace your butter with unsaturated vegetable oils—think olive, canola or safflower. Consider it a kindness to your heart. Butter is a saturated fat, which can raise your “bad” cholesterol levels. If you can swap just 5% of your saturated fat calories each day for the unsaturated type, your chance of developing heart disease drops by up to 25%, according a WebMD report.

Reach for healthy snacks, not that bag of chips: Yes, potato chips are salty and delicious, but when you eat handfuls of them every day, you’re packing in calories, fat and sodium. Make a smart swap with BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn or spice it up with BodyKey™ Zesty Protein Snack. These flavorful snacks even help you pack more protein into your diet.

Soba noodles vs. rice noodles: In this contest, buckwheat soba noodles are the hands-down winner when it comes to a healthier choice. The buckwheat flour in these brown, nutty-tasting noodles mean they are nutrient-dense. The higher the amount of buckwheat flour, the more fiber, protein, B vitamins and potassium they contain, according to a comparison from the University of California, Berkeley.  In contrast, rice noodles typically contain a small amount of protein.

Drink flavored water, not sugary drinks: Getting off the soda train can be tough, but it’s worth it. A recent Harvard study found that the more sugar-filled drinks people downed, the greater their risk of early death, especially related to heart disease. Water is best, but some people crave a little more flavor. If that’s you, try adding XS™ Sports Twist Tubes to your water. It gives you a boost of B vitamins while keeping you hydrated.

A few simple changes can start you down the path to a lifetime of better health.