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amway global entrepreneurship report

5 ways Amway helps entrepreneurs be successful

The Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report revealed five aspects of business ownership that people need help with the most when starting a business. Good news, the Amway opportunity has them all covered!

For most people, finding a business idea is the biggest barrier to start. Luckily, Amway Co- Founders Rich & Jay already took care of that!

People say they need help raising money. With Amway, you don’t need much to start a business – it’s less than $100 anywhere in the world and virtually risk free.

Finding customers and marketing new products is a concern for new business owners. But Amway offers free training and tools to help you sell products that people use every day.

While the data shows more people globally prefer to work in a team, with an Amway business, you can build a team or work independently, the choice is yours.

Survey participants say they prefer to work in cities rather than the countryside. The beauty of the Amway business is you can work wherever and whenever you want. The choice is yours!