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7 workouts that will help you fall in love with fitness

Embracing the fitness lifestyle and starting new active habits is not always easy, but it can feel especially challenging if you don’t like the workout you keep doing. Finding a workout you absolutely love could mean the difference between achieving all your #fitnessgoals and letting them fall by the wayside. Good news! There are many less conventional workouts you can try that will help you fall in love with fitness. So, grab your fave Nutrilite and XS products and try these out for size:

  1. Raise the barre: Ever tried a barre class? And no, we’re not talking about ballet — although it does draw inspiration from some ballet and pilates techniques. Barre is becoming increasingly popular, because it’s a fun way to help build long, lean muscles that you can modify as needed, but make no mistake: barre will get your muscles burning and heart pumping in no time!
  2. Find a fitfluencer you love: If group fitness isn’t your thing, find a fitness influencer you relate to and try out their workouts. Sometimes, they’ll have fun monthly challenges you can try, which will introduce you to a whole community of people trying to follow along as well. Ain’t no friend like a squad of social media friends!
  3. Move to the music: For everyone who has always wanted to take up dance, now is your chance! Dancing is an often underrated way of working out that can also help with stress relief because of how expressive it is.
  4. Get outside: If you spend most of your days inside already, maybe the reason you can’t get hooked on fitness is because you don’t want to spend even more time indoors. Check to see if there are any hikes or nice walks near you, put on weather-appropriate clothing, bring your headphones and/or your dog with you and get waking, hiking, running, or even rollerblading!
  5. Break the cycle: If your city is properly equipped for biking, make it a point to take up bicycling as a way of commuting. If not, try biking on a stationary bike or taking up spin classes. Spin/biking is a great low impact workout that will make you work up a serious sweat!
  6. Think outside the box: Boxing is a great way to shake off any daily frustrations and relieve stress, so kick and punch your way closer to your new year goals.
  7. Follow along with a friend: There are plenty of free at home workouts you can follow on Youtube or Pinterest. If you need more accountability or some friendly competition to keep you going, call a friend, choose a workout and do it together!

Hopefully these suggestions will get you on the right track to adopting a more active lifestyle, but remember – working out is only half the battle! Don’t forget to stay hydrated and follow a balanced, healthy diet (and don’t forget your Nutrilite supplements). With all these tips, you’ll be well on your way to to living the most fit version of yourself!