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Amway Announces 2021 Sales of $8.9 Billion USD

Nutrilite brand accounts for more than half of the company’s sales

ADA, MICH., USA (April 19, 2022) – Amway, an entrepreneur-led health and wellness company, today announced sales of $8.9 billion USD for the year ending Dec. 31, 2021, an increase of four percent when compared to 2020 figures, representing a second consecutive year of growth. The global direct selling company increased sales in several key markets including Malaysia, South Korea and Mainland China. Nutrilite, the world’s top-selling brand of vitamins and dietary supplements, accounted for 53 percent of the company’s overall sales.

“Everything we accomplished in 2021 was because of the dedication, passion and agility of Amway employees and Amway Business Owners across the world,” said Amway Chief Executive Officer Milind Pant. “Amway is powered by people, an incredibly diverse group bound together by our common desire to help people live better, healthier lives.”

Several factors contributed to the company’s growth including:

  • Amway continues to lead with nutrition programs and products, and empower entrepreneurs to build holistic health and wellness communities online.
  • For the newest Amway Business Owners, investments in Amway’s Core Plus+ compensation plan have led to meaningful improvement in their incomes.
  • Nutrilite Double X Multivitamin ranks among Amway’s top-selling nutrition solutions around the world and is powered by PhytoProtect™ – a cutting edge, patented blend of botanical extracts designed to provide the body antioxidant support to proactively defend against oxidative stress.
  • The launch of Artistry Skin Nutrition, powered by cutting-edge skin science and plant-based nutrients, continues to show strength in the convergence of Amway’s nutrition and beauty categories.
  • The successful opening of the XS Experience Center and the first year of XS Energy Plant operations at Amway’s world headquarters reflects the company’s commitment to the energy drink market. The XS Energy Plant is a 60,000-squarefoot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that produces 500 cans of XS Energy drinks every minute. Amway invested $15 million in the redesign of the manufacturing facility.

“Amway is one of the most powerful ideas in the world,” said Pant. “It’s a timeless idea that combines an inclusive entrepreneurship opportunity; freedom for people to set their own path and goals; with rewards that meaningfully improve people’s economic situation and health and wellness,” said Pant. “Over the past few years, we have all experienced immense change, but true to what drove Amway’s founders back in 1959, our why remains the same: we do what we do every day to help people live better, healthier lives, and that’s more relevant today than ever before.”

To access all the latest facts and figures about Amway, read the 2021 Amway Global Impact Report.

About Amway

Amway is an entrepreneur-led health and wellness company based in Ada, Michigan. It is committed to helping people live better, healthier lives – across more than 100 markets worldwide. According to Forbes magazine, it is among the Top 50 privately held, family-owned companies in the United States. Top-selling brands for Amway are Nutrilite™, Artistry™ and XS™ energy – all sold exclusively by entrepreneurs who are known as Amway Business Owners. Amway is the No. 1 direct selling business in the world, according to the 2021 Direct Selling News Global 100. For company news, visit