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Amway's The Voice wins 2017 Ideascale Innovation Award.

Amway Recognized as a Leading Innovator in 2017 Innovation Management Awards

IdeaScale, the leading crowdsourcing and innovation software provider, recently announced the final winners of its Innovation Management Awards Competition and recognized Amway as the winner in the category of Best Engagement Strategy for its website The Voice, a crowdsourcing platform designed to gather insights from its distributors on potential initiatives.

This competition category recognizes the IdeaScale community that detailed the most creative and impressive engagement campaign to generate participation in the IdeaScale community. In this case, not only did Amway exceed all their engagement goals, they are pioneering a translation strategy that marries dynamic translation with human verification.

Since launch, 88% of Amway markets have registered Amway Business Owners (ABOs) on the site. That means that ABOs from over 100 countries and territories, speaking over 60 languages shared ideas and insights that help drive Amway innovation.

“What I find most impressive about Amway,” said Rob Hoehn, CEO and Co-Founder of IdeaScale “was how well their strategy embodies the best practices of open innovation where good ideas can come from anywhere and are most powerful when they can combine with others. Their program will surely benefit from maximizing the points of connection.”

Innovation Award winners receive a discount on their 2018 IdeaScale subscription, a VIP pass to IdeaScale’s Open Nation, a free success workshop, and more. More details of IdeaScale customer success can be found here.


About Amway
Amway is an $8.6 billion direct selling business based in Ada, Michigan, USA. Top-selling brands for Amway are Nutrilite™ vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements, Artistry™ skincare and color cosmetics, Atmosphere™ air treatment systems, eSpring™ water treatment systems and XS™ energy drinks – all sold exclusively by Amway Business Owners. Global sales in 2016 made Amway the No. 1 direct selling business in the world, according to the 2017 Direct Selling News Global 100. The company’s annual sales figure includes revenue from direct selling operations and other business holdings. For company news, visit

About IdeaScale:

IdeaScale is the largest cloud-based innovation software platform in the world with more than 35,000 customers and 4.5 million users. The software allows organizations to involve the opinions of public and private communities by collecting their ideas and giving users a platform to vote. The ideas are then evaluated, routed, and implemented, making IdeaScale the engine of crowd-powered innovation. IdeaScale’s client roster includes industry leaders, such as Citrix, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, NASA, the National Cancer Institute, Princess Cruises and many others.