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Amway scientist coauthors article published in European Journal of Nutrition

ADA, MICH. (Aug. 18, 2017) – Keith Randolph, Ph.D., Fellow, Amway Global Discovery, has coauthored an article published in the May 2017 European Journal of Nutrition. The article, titled Optimal nutrition and the ever-changing dietary landscape—a conference report details the need for nutrition recommendations and policies to continuously evolve as science advances knowledge and insight.

Randolph’s contributions highlight the importance of linking existing research to new research. Specifically, Randolph analyzed earlier diet and disease research—the same research that prompted the World Health Organization to create a recommendation for adult fruit and vegetable consumption—with newer research that reveals the anti-aging effects of a diet composed of an abundance of plant foods such as fruits and vegetables.

“My primary work in the article presents a summary of two different areas of research that have been separate initially, but have now converged,” says Randolph. “The older area of research has extensively evaluated for 20-30 years the protective effects of consuming fruits and vegetables against chronic diseases while the second area of research is newer and examines the diets of individuals who experience exceptional health and longevity.”

By linking these two bodies of work, Randolph provides a foundation that explores how a diet rich in fruits and vegetables may help people live not only healthier, but healthier and longer.

“The common thread between these two areas of research is the biology of aging,” says Randolph. “Someone can live a long time, yet not be well. But, by looking at both of these bodies of work together, it is revealed that when you consume plant foods, specifically fruits and vegetables, you not only slow down the rate of aging, but you improve health overall and reduce your risk for disease.”

Phytonutrients that are unique dietary components, of plant foods, fruits and vegetables, are implicated as key factors in conveying all of these effects.

“Exploration of the role of phytonutrients in health promotion and disease risk reduction is one of the leading areas of research in the world today,” says Randolph.

The overarching article in which Keith’s piece appeared is a peer-reviewed compilation of research and presentations Keith and other authors prepared for the annual Council for Responsible Nutrition’s International Scientific Symposium held in Hamburg, Germany in March, 2017.

“Scientific research is focused on establishing cause and effect relationships in the natural world,” says Randolph. The Munich Conference and this publication represent the opinions and observations of many scientists around the world. One of the overarching conclusions includes the notion that plant based diets, fruits and vegetables, are key to experiencing optimal health and healthy longevity.

Though Randolph read, edited and critiqued the entirety of the article, he specifically wrote a section entitled “Plant-based dietary patterns, chronic disease risk, and healthy longevity: an emerging paradigm for phytonutrients and health promotion.”

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