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Amway’s digital investments key to strong momentum heading into 2018

Ada, Michigan — Major investments in digital platforms and apps, along with a focus on strengthening buyer loyalty, are some of the key business strategies driving Amway’s positive momentum heading into 2018, according to Amway Chief Operating Officer Mike Cazer. Amway recently announced sales of $8.6 billion USD for 2017 with an increase in sales during the second half of the year, positioning the business for further growth in 2018.

“I’m proud to say our digital investments are already having an impact – in ABO education, buyer experiences, product demonstrations and business management,” Cazer said. “We’re committing even more resources to this area in 2018 and beyond, seeking to accelerate already impactful results.”

More than half of Amway’s product orders are online and more than a quarter of orders are from mobile devices – trends that are expected to grow significantly in 2018. Amway’s digital transformation positions the business to best meet the changing needs of today’s ABOs and consumers – many of whom have never lived without the internet.

“Millennials seek unique experiences, customization, and flexible work environments that reflect their lifestyle,” Cazer said. “They are the future of our business.”

Amway COO Mike Cazer answers quick questions about positive business trends:

As a result, Amway is connecting with its business owners in meaningful and compelling ways. In addition to the global business-management platform called MyBiz, some local examples include:

  • Online Studio– A one-stop shop where ABOs in China can learn, experience and purchase products from the palm of their hand.
  • AmwayNow — An app that provides business owners in the Philippines with news and content for sharing
  • YouCam – An augmented-reality beauty app in Korea that allows users to experience Artistry products before purchasing

These are just a few examples of how Amway is fundamentally transforming experiences for ABOs and their customers.

But the investment in digital isn’t the only thing growing at Amway. Customer demand for Amway products is also strong, leading to new product development and innovation.

“We’re constantly innovating on the product side, led by the nearly 1,000 scientists, engineers and technical professionals who work at Amway,” Cazer added.

Examples of recent innovations include a new and improved formula for Double X, Amway’s top selling, premium multivitamin and multimineral product that now has 12 vitamins, 10 minerals, and phytonutrients from 22 fruit, vegetable, and herb concentrates. Amway also recently introduced Atmosphere Drive, an in-car air treatment system that uses insights from Amway’s industry-leading, in-home system to bring air filtration to automobiles. The company also is preparing to launch its first customizable skincare product.

“Our business owners will be mobile-first, socially enabled and digitally delivered,” Cazer said. “That digital performance, along with an ABO’s knowledge and superior customer service, will be the combination that sets Amway apart.”

Amway COO Mike Cazer talks about the importance of the company's digital investments and that more than half of all orders are made online, a quarter of which are made from mobile devices.