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Man in lab coat putting produce in a harvest saver machine

How does Nutrilite know its supplements are pure? Lots of testing

A strict traceability philosophy means we track ingredients every step of the way

As more people turn to vitamins and supplements for their daily health regimens, it’s not just about what they’re taking anymore, but also where those ingredients come from.

What’s behind the label?

For more than 80 years, Nutrilite has taken a meticulous, multistep approach to ensure the purest, safest and most effective ingredients are used in the company’s high-quality products.

Traceability – or knowing where your products come from — has become a growing global trend in response to concerns about food safety, adulteration and fraud, as well as a moral right to know.

A key pillar of traceability is purity, which is an assurance that what is on the label is what’s inside — nothing more or less.

An important way Nutrilite documents the purity of its supplements is through scientific testing.

It’s how Nutrilite can prove its supplements contain the proper ingredients and are free of contaminants like heavy metals and microbes such as e. Coli and Salmonella.

Sam Kilgore, Nutrition Quality Engineering Group Manager at Nutrilite’s headquarters in Buena Park, California, oversees the testing of raw materials when they arrive at the manufacturing facility.

“Well, pure, it really comes down to, ‘Is it what it’s supposed to be?’ Right, so we have very strict specifications for all the materials that we use and all the finished products we make,” Kilgore said.

A sustainable approach

That same approach is applied to the growing process. Nutrilite’s procedures are based on a seed-to-supplement philosophy that requires taking a sustainable approach to growing and harvesting crops

Everything that comes into Nutrilite farms — water, compost, seeds, equipment — is tested and documented for purity, so everything leaving the farm is also pure. This is to ensure that GMOs, chemical pesticides and other synthetic materials are not used to create or grow the vegetables and fruits used in Nutrilite supplements.

Nutrilite is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on its own certified organic farms, which cover nearly 6,000 acres in North and South America.

Plants grown on partner farms are held to the same high standards. Every farm that furnishes botanicals used in Nutrilite products must meet Amway’s strict NutriCert quality standards for purity, safety, and efficacy.

Traceability is one way Amway gives consumers the peace of mind that when they take their Nutrilite supplements, they know they’re getting exactly what the label says.

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