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Amway leader supports strong consumer protections as chair of supplement industry alliance

Amway’s Regulatory Policy Director, Michelle Stout, travels the world speaking with policymakers about regulations and consumer protections for dietary supplements. “I think that’s part of our obligation in being a leader in this sector,” Stout said. “We benefit when everyone is held to higher standards. A good reputation is very important for the industry.”

Recently, her years of experience and expertise were recognized when she became the first female chair of the International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations (IADSA).

“These are exciting times, with evidence growing of the positive impact supplements can have on people’s well-being and the well-being of society at large,” Stout said. “IADSA is committed to working with industry regulators and other stakeholders to ensure the global health supplements sector continues to thrive all over the world.”

For the past 20 years, IADSA has played a key role in developing effective food supplement regulations worldwide. The goal is to have dietary supplements acknowledged in health policy and recognized for the value they play in health promotion aging and longevity.

Amway helps advance IADSA’s goal by supporting the organization’s efforts to shape consumer protections through safer, higher-quality supplement standards.

As part of Amway’s R&D division, Stout and a team of scientists are dedicated to meeting high standards for safety, quality and efficacy in each of Amway’s product categories. Together, they are involved in more than 100 professional associations around the globe.

“Our investment in helping to share information across the globe with regulators is something that is very unique,” Stout said. “A lot of other companies don’t think about the work that needs to be done two, three or four years in advance to be able to really shape a positive environment for our products.”

Amway is committed to consumer protections with easily accessible information on the ingredients, facilities, and processes used in controlling production of Nutrilite supplements.  For details on Amway’s efforts to track product ingredients from seed to supplement, please