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Meet VarnVarn

Meet VarnVarn: Pro-Cycler and XS Ambassador

Meet Varnvarn Aroonnapa: a pro-cycler born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. On her instagram @sweetvarnvarn, she describes herself as an “active explorer,” a perfect fit to partner with the XS Energy brand.

Varnvarn starts her training 6:30 a.m. (early bird!) at Happy and Healthy Bicycle Lane. This 23.5 km track made specifically for cyclists and runners of all ages has kickstarted the Bangkok cycling scene, with the number of sport cyclists increasing dramatically since it opened in 2014.

While outdoor sports have always been a part of her life, she started cycling only seven years ago. Introduced to the sport by a good friend, she quickly fell in love with the sport and has rose to acclaim across Asia with as one of the top cyclists in the region.

Get to know VarnVarn with our fun Q&A below – and don’t forget hit give her a follow on Insta as she cycles powered by XS Energy.

Varnvarn 3

Best travel hack

It’s only jet lag, go hit the gym, run or bike it off. And, don’t forget to pack light. It makes travel much more enjoyable.

Songs you work out to

My 3-hour playlist called Boost-Up, which features electronic and hip hop songs.

Favorite XS flavor

Cranberry-Grape Blast

What destination are you off to next?

A girls getaway with riding from Seoul to Busan, South Korea. It’s a seven-day, 663 kilometres trip alone without any other support, so chaos is to expected!

Fave post-workout recovery food

Mocha-almond milk and salmon or tofu salad

Why do you cycle?

I enjoy cycling not just because of its variety of health benefits or the thrill of competition but also the joy of exploring the world on two wheels.