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Quality is top priority in production of All Plant Protein Powder

ADA, MICHIGAN – The benefits of a protein-rich diet are not lost on the scientists and nutritionists at Amway, just note the intense focus on an already top selling product – Nutrilite All Plant Protein, or “APP” as it’s known throughout the world.

The dairy, lactose and cholesterol-free powder boasts 10 grams of protein per 12.5 gram serving.

The precise mix of soy, wheat and pea proteins is one of the best-selling products for the Ada, Michigan-based company, and our scientists are constantly doing research to make it better.

“We’re always in the process to make the best even better,” Amway scientist Gene Maly said. “There’s a lot of other plant proteins we are looking at.”

Most recently, the team has reviewed 20 different plant proteins and is still searching for something that could become the next hero ingredient. So far, none of the 20 have offered a better alternative to the current All Plant Protein formula.

“We are in the discovery phase, searching for ingredients that will provide the greatest benefits,” Maly said. “We’re really trying to stay at the forefront. In the last three or four years, we’ve done a really good job of investigating new ingredients for potential inclusion in future formulas.”

The addition of a $24 million All Plant Protein production plant in 2013 at Global Headquarters has helped Amway stay on the leading edge of manufacturing processes as well. The plant can produce over 35,000 canisters of All Plant Protein per day to meet the demand of our most popular Nutrilite product.

Amway added a $24 million production plant to make Nutrilite All Plant Protein in 2013