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Quick Family Friendly Meals and Snacks

Another day of preparing another meal (or three or four) can feel overwhelming with an already full plate of things to do at home. Add to that the pressure of making food healthy and forget about it. Luckily, we know nutrition and we’ve got you covered with some quick, delicious options where kids still get their favorites – pizza and fries – and you feel good about giving your family healthy meals with nutritious plant ingredients. So, put down the phone for takeout and add one of these healthy meals or snacks to your menu.

Break the rules with chocolate for breakfast. Start the day off hearing cheers instead of complaining by whipping up some Chocolate Spinach Pancakes (but feel free to leave the word spinach out with your kids!). The super-secret, vitamin-rich veggies – spinach and carrot – are blended with eggs and almond butter, followed by a dose of sweetness from bananas and cocoa powder for an irresistible stack of good-for-you fuel. Drizzle the top with maple syrup and fresh fruit for your newest breakfast menu staple. We recommend adding a scoop of Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder to the batter too, since protein helps you stay fuller, longer.


Recreate a lunchtime favorite. What tops the list as most kid’s favorite food? Pizza! It’s easy to give in to their frequent request with a few healthy tweaks using ingredients straight from the garden. This simple Zucchini Bites recipe uses sliced summer squash topped with marinara, melted cheese and zesty herbs for perfectly sized bites that will fly off the plate.


Sneak in nutrients at snack time. Snacks get a bad reputation, but good snack choices can help curb hunger, boost energy and even add some extra nutrients to your diet. Mix up a refreshing, sweet, mid-day treat with Fruit Pops. The frozen layers of fruit, yogurt and other healthy additions make these simple snacks look deliciously decadent. Try nutrient packed Peach Strawberry Yogurt, Lemon Blackberry, Orange Mango Coconut – or create a combo all your own. Short on time? Use the same ingredients and blend with a few handfuls of ice and a scoop of Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder for a smoothie option.


Pair dinner entrees with super sides. Dinner often feels like the main event of meals but think beyond the entrée with sides dishes that won’t get overshadowed. Substitute standard French Fries for kid-friendly (and Vitamin A loaded) Carrot Fries . This recipe uses savory herbs and crusty breadcrumbs for a finger food that’s good for you too. Or add Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder to homemade hummus for a protein-packed side to dip veggies in or spread on your favorite crackers or bread.


Say “Yes!” to dessert. Satisfy your sweet tooth with Banana Nice Cream! This creamy, cool dessert starts with only two ingredients, frozen bananas and almond milk. After blending, get creative with whatever mix ins or toppings you crave. Strawberries and coconut. Almond Butter and cocoa powder. Sprinkles and more sprinkles. Involve the whole family as your try different combinations for endless fun.


Finish with a nutrient filler. Let’s face it, no matter how intentional you are with your daily menu or healthy variety on your plate, you can’t cover all the nutrients needed. Kids can be picky eaters, so we recommend adding a supplement like Nutrilite Kids Daily multivitamin, Brainiums and Vitamin C for supporting their growing needs. For adults add a multivitamin supplement like Nutrilite Double X or Nutrilite Daily, to help fill the nutritional gaps and keep you and your family’s nutrition on track.

These are just a few quick, healthy ideas that help provide proper nutrition and are going to be meals kids love. Commit to try one today and add your favorites to an ever-expanding menu your whole family will enjoy.